ChameleonPLM Basic is an online, subscription PLM tool designed for small companies. All of your most needed product development processes are already built in.

On an upwardly mobile path? Congratulations! Easily add capabilities and transition from Basic to Core as your company grows.

Have quirky parts of your business? No problem. We’ll configure those too.

“ChameleonPLM has made high-powered industry tools accessible to our small business.”


Line Planning

Create seasonal line plans, including target units, target costing, planned margins, and vendor placement.


Create and manage seasonal and project calendars, including tasks, start and due dates, responsibility and multiple calendar views.

Materials Library

Manage materials library including material type & details, supplier, color/pattern, price and leadtimes.

Techpack Builder

Build techpacks including colorways, design and construction details, measurements, and bill of materials.


Build, manage and compare cost sheets by season, product, and factory. Include added costs and fees to auto calculate margins.

Sample Manager

Request and manage all sample types. Track sample status with your suppliers, review samples and document fit sessions.

 “We are committed to ChameleonPLM!”


Robust Reporting

With ChameleonPLM, your daily data and images in, means really amazing reporting out.

ChameleonPLM allows you to create all types of reports including grids, graphs, pie charts, sourcing maps, and many more, allowing you to easily analyze your product development data and make better informed business decisions, every day.

Plus search, filter, group, sort, and navigate throughout the system with a few clicks.  Auto workflows, email and other notifications included.  Easy to use and all built in.

Why ChameleonPLM?

Because we really have thought of everything. We’ve been in your shoes. We get it, and we’re here to help make your product development process easier. Comprehensive, user-friendly features, all built in.

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